The NCRI Screening, Prevention & Early Diagnosis (SPED) Group facilitates and aids the development of protocols for studies involving screening, prevention and/or early diagnosis. 

The group brings together clinicians, scientists and lay representatives, amongst many others, to coordinate the development of a strategic portfolio of research within the field of screening prevention and early diagnosis. The group works closely with clinical research networks, funders and researchers to develop research to improve outcomes for cancer patients.  

How can I get involved?

  • Attend a proposals guidance meeting to receive feedback on your idea for screening, prevention or early diagnosis research
  • Join the NCRI Early Career Researcher Forum if you are interested in pursuing a career in screening, prevention or early diagnosis research
  • Express interest in joining the NCRI Consumer Forum if you are a patient, carer or have personal experience of cancer
  • Join the NCRI SPED Network to be kept up to date on future opportunities

Join the NCRI SPED Network

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