Ovarian Cancer Action has joined the NCRI Partnership as a funder of cancer research.

Ovarian Cancer Action joins 21 other funders of cancer research wishing to maximise the value and benefits of cancer research for patients and the public.

NCRI’s Partners include cancer research charities and funding bodies representing all four nations of the United Kingdom. They work together to coordinate their research, avoiding unnecessary duplication and maximising the impact of their research.

Survival rates in ovarian cancer today are the same as breast cancer in the 1970s. Over the next decade, our mission is to accelerate progress to transform survival rates for women, and we can’t do this alone. Joining the NCRI Partnership means that we can collaborate with the top cancer research funders in the UK. As the UK’s largest specialist ovarian cancer research funder, we are excited to bring the voice of ovarian cancer patients to the NCRI Partnership to create the best future for women.

Cary Wakefield, CEO, Ovarian Cancer Action

Ovarian Cancer Action funds research into better diagnosis and better treatments, raises awareness of risk and symptoms to improve prevention and early diagnosis, and gives a voice to all those affected by ovarian cancer. Since 2006, Ovarian Cancer Action has funded over £12 million in research projects and launched the first ever dedicated centre for ovarian cancer research in Europe. Their research is focussed on early detection and treatment of ovarian cancer to transform how long and how well women live after an ovarian cancer diagnosis.

In 2022, Ovarian Cancer Action will be publishing a new research strategy to spark a decisive decade in improving survival rates for women with ovarian cancer. We are starting as we mean to go on, supercharging our partnership with the leading ovarian cancer experts at our Ovarian Cancer Research Centre at Imperial College, and joining the NCRI Partnership to collaborate with the top cancer researcher funders in the UK. Together we will make ovarian cancer a survivable disease.

Cary Wakefield, CEO, Ovarian Cancer Action


We are really pleased to have Ovarian Cancer Action as part of the NCRI Partnership. They join at a great time as they prepare to publish a new research strategy and as the NCRI Groups are also identifying their research priorities. We hope that by working together with funders, researchers, patients and carers, we can advance research into ovarian cancer and improve outcomes for patients.

Dr Iain Frame, CEO, NCRI

As NCRI Partners, Ovarian Cancer Action will be able to share their expertise with other cancer research funders and learn from them. They will also connect with other funders that can lead to exciting and innovative research collaborations to improve patient outcomes.