Co-chair and consumer member recruitment

  • CTRad is currently in its third phase of funding, and as part of the Co-chairs rotation process, five Workstream Co-chair roles are available for application with deadlines in late January 2016; it is expected that appointments will be made from within the membership. The new
    Co-chairs will take up their roles in April 2016 and their appointments will be announced at the next edition of this news bulletin.
  • Consumer members are an integral part of radiotherapy trial development, and CTRad is also currently recruiting for consumer members for all four Workstreams. Details are on the CTRad website:
  • You can also read more about incorporating consumer involvement on the CTRad website:

Clinical Trials workshop, October 2015

  • Now in its fourth year, another workshop was organised by CTRad and the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) to nurture early stage radiotherapy trial investigators. This year, the programme was put together by Ann Henry and David Sebag-Montefiore (both WS3) and was
    held in Leeds. Of those who attended, half were clinical oncology trainees, and the other half consisted of radiographers, trial managers and other professionals. Delegates generally found the day informative, and that the workshop was a great forum for networking.
  • The invited speakers drew on the strong methodological expertise available locally at the Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit, including Sam Hinsley who talked about general trial design, and Dena Howard who introduced a more complex type of trial design with a flexible framework where new therapies can be incorporated as they emerge.
  • To start off the day, David Sebag-Montefiore presented a list of successful RT trials which have changed practice; he commented that this is a process which can sometimes seem slow but is worth the time. Ian Walker from Cancer Research UK (CRUK) provided an overview of funding opportunities in view of recent changes in their funding streams.
  • The breakout workshops saw three discussion groups run in parallel, where group members discussed trials currently being worked up to explore their trial designs including embedding translational research and practical considerations.
  • Other talks included steps in the trial development process, Radiotherapy Trials Quality Assurance (RTTQA) and patient and public involvement. Corinne Faivre-Finn (WS3) rounded off the day by providing a unique insider’s view of the responsibilities of being a chief
  • CTRad is hoping to organise a similar event in 2016 and the information will be available on the CTRad and RCR websites.

CTRad proposals guidance meeting, November 2015

  • As part of CTRad’s core business, an 11th proposals guidance meeting was held in Liverpool, at which 14 proposals were presented and discussed providing investigators the chance to obtain feedback on their trial proposal ideas.
  • Karen Noble from CRUK presented fellowship opportunities suitable for both clinical and non-clinical researchers.
  • Fiona McKirdy (CTRad’s Radiotherapy Technology Project Manager) then presented an update on the Molecular Radiotherapy research review. The review includes a three-point action plan to move MRT research forward in the UK. To make progress we need engagement of the research community, the professional organisations and research funders. This report will be published in January 2016 and will be available in hardcopies.
  • The next proposals guidance meeting will be in June 2016 in London, and a call for proposal ideas will be sent in February 2016.

CTRad features in NCRI Director’s ‘top 10’ highlights of 2015

In the latest edition of the NCRI newsletter, CTRad features as number 2 in the NCRI Director’s ‘top 10’ highlights of 2015. You can read about this, other highlights and subscribe to the NCRI newsletter on the NCRI website: