The NCRI Gynaecological Group has published its priorities in gynaecological research to address challenges and improve patient outcomes.

The group has identified the following priorities on which it will be focussing its efforts over the next three years.

The priorities identified by the group are as follows:

  • Early detection
  • Personalised medicine
  • Rare cancer: vulval cancer
  • Improve wellbeing in women undergoing treatment for gynaecological cancers

NCRI Gynaecological Group strategic priorities

The priorities outlined below address the key challenges the community faces to ensure that we continue to improve outcomes and move towards our goal of tailored/personalised treatment options for women. The new NCRI Network and focused working groups will facilitate these important advances.

Dr Shibani Nicum, Chair of NCRI Gynaecological Group

To identify the priorities in gynaecological cancer research, NCRI facilitated discussions between experts covering the overarching challenges, opportunities and gaps in gynaecological cancer research as well as specific issues and areas of unmet need in the field.

NCRI and the NCRI Gynaecological Group used this intelligence to identify the group’s strategic priorities. NCRI and the NCRI Gynaecological Group then consulted the community to decide which priorities would be addressed first.

Addressing the priorities in gynaecological cancer research

Working groups addressing the first priorities are currently being formed. These groups will be made up of the experts needed to address each research question. To be the first to hear about opportunities to join these working groups, please sign up to the NCRI Gynaecological Network.

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Apply to become Deputy Chair of the NCRI Gynaecological Group

NCRI is looking to appoint an inspirational Deputy Chair for the NCRI Gynaecological Group whose leadership, vision and energy will help drive and shape the structure and strategy of the group.

NCRI Gynaecological Group Deputy Chair

The NCRI Gynaecological group is focused on the clinical and translational issues relating to the early detection and treatment of gynaecological malignancies, encompassing ovarian, endometrial, cervical and vulval cancer. Over the last decade, in collaboration with our international groups and charitable partnerships, we have developed and delivered practice-changing trials that have significantly improved gynaecological cancer care.

Dr Shibani Nicum, Chair of NCRI Gynaecological Group