The NCRI Sarcoma Group has published strategic priorities in sarcoma research to address challenges and improve patient outcomes.

The group has identified the following priorities on which it will focus its efforts over the next three years:

  • Develop a Soft Tissue Sarcoma (STS) trial for all patients
  • Develop studies into the treatment of metastatic chondrosarcoma
  • Extend and build on the ICONIC osteosarcoma study
  • Build on the Rhabdomyosarcoma, the open Frontline and Relapsed Rhabdomyosarcoma (FaR-RMS) study
  • Develop a study into the treatment of Nonrhabdomyosarcoma
  • Further develop the Multi-Arm Sarcoma Surgical (MASS) trial

NCRI Sarcoma Group strategic priorities

To identify the priorities in sarcoma research, NCRI facilitated discussions between experts covering the overarching challenges, opportunities and gaps in sarcoma research as well as specific issues and areas of unmet need in the field.

The NCRI Sarcoma Group strategy day held in November 2020 focused on key areas and themes in sarcoma research, including interventional therapeutic trials to improve outcomes in soft tissue sarcoma, quality of life (QOL) and patient reported outcomes (PROMS), as well as cross-cutting research into surgical intervention as part of large, randomised trials.

Professor Bernadette Brennan, Chair of NCRI Sarcoma Group

NCRI and the NCRI Sarcoma Group used this intelligence to identify the group’s strategic priorities. NCRI and the NCRI Sarcoma Group then consulted the community to decide which priorities would be addressed first.

A common theme in the discussions and hence in the subsequent strategic priorities is the necessity of international collaboration in research projects and trials due to the rarity of these sarcomas. The priorities also demonstrate the evolution of trials and their results into further studies, building new questions into our platform studies such as Far-RMS. The rarity of our tumours demands novel statistical plans such as Bayesian methodology, which we will continue to expand into our trials. We look forward to building on the work of the Sarcoma Group thus far and addressing the major challenges in the field over the coming years.

Professor Bernadette Brennan, Chair of NCRI Sarcoma Group

Addressing the priorities in sarcoma research

Working groups addressing the first priorities are currently being formed. These groups will be made up of the experts needed to address each research question. To be the first to hear about opportunities to join these working groups, please sign up to the NCRI Sarcoma Network.

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