Dr Jenny Seligmann is a consultant medical oncologist and senior lecturer at the University of Leeds. She joined the NCRI Colorectal Group as a trainee in 2014 and is currently a member of the Advanced and Adjuvant Disease Subgroup of the NCRI Colorectal Group.

Why did you get involved with the NCRI Group as a trainee?

I got involved with the NCRI at the end of my PhD. I knew I wanted a career in clinical trials, and at that point, I wanted to understand how my research fitted in nationally and make new connections.

How has it benefitted your career?

It benefitted my career for many reasons. Firstly, it helped me understand how my research fitted in nationally, and it helped me connect with other researchers, particularly those from different specialties.

I was also able to see other people present their clinical trials to the group and learnt from them and the feedback they received so that when I came to present, I had a bit more experience and understood the process.

I also gained significant experience being part of large meetings and seeing how people cheered meetings, and this has all been very influential on me and my eventual roles in the future.

What is the best thing you have been involved in as part of the NCRI Group?

The best thing I’ve been involved with was presenting two of my trials – ARIEL and FOxTROT – at the Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials Day. I joined the group as a very nervous junior researcher, and many of the experiences led me to the point that I could then present my own trials to the national group that was undoubtedly the highlight.

What would be your advice to other early career researchers?

My advice would be get involved! Don’t be nervous. There’s lots of opportunities as well as the trainee scheme there are opportunities to be an observer. It’s been a fantastic opportunity for me to meet what became future colleagues and friends.

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