To mark the 150th birthday of Marie Curie, the ‘Godmother of Radiotherapy’, NCRI’s Radiotherapy Research Group (CTRad) reviewed key practice changing trials in radiotherapy that have been performed in the UK and across the world over the last two decades. The review, recently published in the British Journal of Cancer, identified 47 practice changing trials, involving around 50000 patients. NCRI’s CTRad have been instrumental in supporting the UK’s impressive contribution to this global effort to improve outcomes for cancer patients.

Prof David Sebag-Montefiore, Deputy Chair of NCRI’s CTRad and one of the co-authors of this review says, “This review shows the impact of the UK’s contribution to changing clinical care globally. It is a good example of how NCRI’s support for CTRad has helped to deliver these high quality practice-changing radiotherapy studies”.

BJC - RT Practice Changing four disease sites
The review paper looked at 44 practice-changing radiotherapy clinical trials in the last two decades, involving around 48,000 patients across the world

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About NCRI CTRad

Established in 2009, NCRI’s radiotherapy initiative (CTRad) is a working group that brings together many research specialties to shape and grow the national radiotherapy research agenda through developing high-quality research, infrastructure and exploiting opportunities. CTRad is funded by a subset of NCRI Partners: Breast Cancer Now, Cancer Research UK, Medical Research Council, Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates (Chief Scientist Office), Welsh Assembly Government (Health and Care Research Wales), Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Public Health Agency (Research & Development Department) and Prostate Cancer UK.

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