Bladder & Renal Group

The NCRI Bladder & Renal Group launched their strategic priorities in May 2023 to address challenges faced in bladder and renal  research and to ultimately improve outcomes for patients with currently unmet needs. Please see the NCRI Bladder & Renal Group strategic priorities 2023-2026 for further information. We have 6 working groups to address the priorities:

Working Group 1 – Early detection and precision prevention with a view to early intervention in urothelial cancer.

Working Group 2 – Pre-operative systemic treatment study for kidney cancer.

Working Group 3 – Risk-adapted follow-up in early stage cancers of the bladder and kidney.

Working Group 4 – Radiotherapy trial in bladder cancer.

Working Group 5 – Screening options for patients with small renal masses to inform risk stratification and treatment selection.

Working Group 6 – Workshop to develop our approach in advanced cancers of the kidneys and bladder building on the work of the group to date.


Penile Study Group

Within the Bladder and Renal Group is the Penile Study Group. Study groups are permanent groups that have an overarching remit to deliver a number of strategic priority areas in their respective disease or cross cutting areas.

The NCRI Penile Study Group launched their strategic priorities in July 2023. Please see the NCRI Penile Study Group strategic priorities 2023-2026 for further information.