The NCRI Sarcoma Group is a multi-disciplinary community of researchers and consumers focused on clinical and translational issues relating to sarcoma research. The group works closely with clinical research networks, funders and national and international researchers to develop research to improve outcomes for sarcoma patients and identify areas of unmet need.

The group routinely identifies priorities in sarcoma research and dynamic working groups are established to address each priority.

NCRI Sarcoma Group strategic priorities:

  • Develop a Soft Tissue Sarcoma (STS) trial for all patients
  • Develop studies into treatment of metastatic chondrosarcoma
  • Extend and build on the ICONIC osteosarcoma study
  • Build on the Rhabdomyosarcoma, the open Frontline and Relapsed Rhabdomyosarcoma (FaR-RMS) study
  • Develop a study into treatment of Nonrhabdomyosarcoma
  • Further develop the Multi-Arm Sarcoma Surgical (MASS) trial

NCRI Sarcoma Group strategic priorities

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