The UK Government and BioNTech today announced a partnership to develop immunology treatments. In response, NCRI Chair Fiona Driscoll has issued the following statement:

NCRI welcomes the partnership between the UK government and BioNTech announced today to bring innovative vaccine research to England with the potential to transform outcomes for cancer patients. This reinforces the UK’s leading position as one of the most attractive places in the world for innovative companies to invest in cancer research, trial new treatments and treat patients more effectively.

The NCRI community supports and promotes the importance of cancer immunology and the potential to develop life-changing treatments. Our cancer research charity members, our world-leading cancer research groups, our award-winning Consumer Forum and our Early-Stage Career network of young researchers look forward enthusiastically to supporting this work.

Fiona Driscoll
NCRI Chair

NCRI works in partnership with the British Society for Immunology (BSI) to bring the immunology and cancer research communities together. The partnership aims to drive collaborations and address challenges in cancer immunology and immunotherapy through a series of joint initiatives

To find out more read the BSI statement in response to today’s announcement.

The full announcement can be viewed on Department of Health & Social Care website.