The NCRI Lung Group has published strategic priorities in lung research to address challenges and improve patient outcomes.

The group has identified the following priorities on which it will focus its efforts over the next three years:

  • Assess screening strategies for Lung Cancer in Never Smokers
  • Scope a potential trial in epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutant non-small cell lung cancer
  • Design and implement small cell lung cancer trials
  • Design and implement a definitive large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma trial
  • Design and implement a series of predictive biomarkers for Immune-Related Adverse Events (irAEs) alongside efforts to optimise the treatment of those with severe irAEs
  • Establish research priorities in mesothelioma and thymoma

See below for full details:

NCRI Lung Group strategic priorities

To identify the priorities in lung research, NCRI facilitated discussions between experts covering the overarching challenges, opportunities and gaps in lung research as well as specific issues and areas of unmet need in the field.

We are pleased to present the strategic priorities and aligned working groups for the NCRI Lung Group. This document is the fruit of much work by many people who took part in dedicated priority setting sessions, and in the multiple ensuing discussions, to generate a list of priorities entirely aimed at improving the outcomes and the lives of people with lung cancer. The document represents a distillation of this vital preparatory work. The final selection as it appears here was approved at a NCRI Lung Group meeting at the end of last year as being both representative of our stakeholders’ major interests, needs and agendas and thus worthy of being offered as national strategic priorities in lung cancer research.

Professor Gary Middleton, Chair of NCRI Lung Group

Addressing the priorities in lung research

Working groups addressing the first priorities are currently being formed. These groups will be made up of the experts needed to address each research question. The mesothelioma/thymoma study group is also being formed currently. To be the first to hear about opportunities to join these groups, please sign up below:

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Apply to become Chair or Deputy Chair for each of the new Working/Study Groups

NCRI is looking to appoint inspirational Chairs and Deputy Chairs for the working/study groups whose leadership, vision and energy will help drive outcomes for lung cancer patients. Please see below for the vacancies (deadline Sunday 21 May):

NCRI Lung Working/Study Group Chairs and Deputy Chairs