NCRI has published a report outlining key points from the Beyond the Horizon: ‘Innovative cancer drug discovery’ event. The aim of the report is to galvanise players across the cancer research landscape to reimagine current drug discovery efforts.

Beyond the Horizon is an NCRI led initiative to define the current and future challenges and the transformational changes needed across cancer research.

The first Beyond the Horizon virtual event, titled ‘Innovative cancer drug discovery’ brought together expert panellists and over 300 delegates from across the research community. In a series of open and insightful panel sessions, broad solutions needed to transform modern drug discovery efforts were discussed. The series touched on major topics including target discovery and validation, identifying drug candidates, clinical translation, and systemic issues in research.

This is an incredibly exciting time in cancer research. We now have the tools and knowledge to target and disrupt cancer in an ever-increasing number of ways. However, despite these huge advances, there are many patients for whom existing treatments remain ultimately ineffective.

Dr Ian Lewis, Head of Strategy and Initiatives, NCRI

The summary report brings together key questions and insights from the event discussions, stakeholder consultations and audience questions and follow-up comments, which converge into four cross-cutting themes:

  • A stronger biological understanding
  • Technology as an enabler of better research
  • Cross-boundary collaboration
  • Bridging the translational gap

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The NCRI exists to bring the brightest minds in cancer research together to address the major challenges, gaps and opportunities in cancer. We would like to thank all who participated in this, the first in our Beyond the Horizon meeting series, and provided such valuable insight. We passionately believe that through collaboration, conversation and open debate such as this, we will improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

Dr Ian Lewis, Head of Strategy and Initiatives, NCRI