Yorkshire Cancer Research is the latest cancer research funder to join the NCRI Partnership.

Yorkshire Cancer Research is an independent cancer research charity. It is committed to reducing the impact of cancer on the lives of people living in and around Yorkshire, where cancer outcomes are below the national average, and incidence rates are higher than the national average.

People in Yorkshire are more likely to get cancer and more likely to die from it than elsewhere in England. For this reason, we must understand and link in with the national research picture so Yorkshire can benefit from the latest ideas and innovations.

Stuart Griffiths, Director of Research and Services, Yorkshire Cancer Research

Yorkshire Cancer Research was one of the original Partners of NCRI between 2001 and 2015 and has chosen this time to become involved with the work of NCRI again.

Yorkshire Cancer Research is working to implement a new research strategy, which aims to save 2000 lives every year in Yorkshire. The charity funds many clinical trials in the region, and through the NCRI Partnership, they will be able to connect with the clinical trials community on a national level, engaging with and learning from other NCRI Partners.

The NCRI is doing an excellent job of coordinating cancer research. We are keen to benefit from their shared learning activities, research database and knowledge of best practice for patient and public involvement.

Stuart Griffiths, Director of Research and Services, Yorkshire Cancer Research

As NCRI Partners, Yorkshire Cancer Research will be able to share its expertise with other cancer research funders and learn from them. They will also connect with other funders that can lead to exciting and innovative research collaborations to improve patient outcomes.

We are really looking forward to working with Yorkshire Cancer Research in several areas, including screening, prevention and early diagnosis, cancer inequalities and patient and public involvement. By collaborating with other NCRI Partners we will be able to support their mission and make a difference for the people of Yorkshire affected by cancer.

Dr Iain Frame, CEO, NCRI

NCRI’s Partners include cancer research charities and funding bodies representing all four nations of the United Kingdom. NCRI Partners work together to coordinate their research and aim to avoid unnecessary duplication and maximise the impact of research for cancer patients and the public.