The Prostate Cancer Charity has announced today (Monday 11 April) that it has successfully gained membership of the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI). The membership represents an important milestone for the Charity, ensuring that prostate cancer is given a
profile within the national cancer research effort.

The NCRI is a UK wide partnership across public and private sectors, and exists to develop coordinated plans for cancer research to address the most important research questions and avoid unnecessary duplication of effort. In doing so, they aim to maximise the benefits to
public and patients from the investment of over £500m pa. The NCRI works across charity, government and industry funders enabling partners to set a national research agenda.

Since the Charity launched in 1996, it has invested £9.5 million in prostate cancer research. With an established research strategy in place, the Charity funds research across the spectrum from laboratory work, clinical research with patients, to survivorship research into
the physical, psychological and emotional issues affecting men with prostate cancer and their families.

Currently 10,000 men with prostate cancer die every year and more than 37,000 men are diagnosed every year in the UK. The Charity has made a commitment to ensure that by 2020, significantly more men will survive prostate cancer. The Charity’s NCRI membership is crucial
because the body promotes co-operation in cancer research among its member organisations meaning that research into prostate cancer will be strengthened by the move.

We’re delighted to welcome the Prostate Cancer Charity to the NCRI. They are joining us at an auspicious time – our ten year anniversary – and we are pleased that the Charity will be working with the rest of our partners to help shape the next decade in cancer research.

Dr Jane Cope, director, NCRI


We’re thrilled to become a member of the NCRI. This presents a significant opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction of cancer research in the UK, particularly prostate cancer. This is a fantastic outcome for the 250,000 men living with prostate cancer in the UK. We’re really looking forward to working with the NCRI and all of its members in shaping the future of cancer research.

Owen Sharp, Chief Executive, The Prostate Cancer Charity

The Charity joins 21 other organisations including the Association for International Cancer Research, Medical Research Council and the Department of Health: Economic and Social Research Council, and is the first member of the NCRI to specifically represent men’s health.