Radiotherapy update from CTRad

Now in its sixth year, and with a new block of funding agreed until 2018, our radiotherapy initiative, CTRad, is going strong. Its recent activities to boost radiotherapy research include a researchers’ sandpit day, a workshop to scope ideas for Cancer Research UK’s Grand Challenge and a proton beam therapy research town meeting. More information about the recent activities within CTRad can be found in the CTRad bulletin.

» CTRad bulletin (PDF, March 2015)

Membership rotations

In addition, there have been some recent rotations in membership of CTRad, in keeping with the membership terms, and to ensure there is a balance between retaining valuable expertise and new members, particularly in niche areas. In terms of leadership, four of the eight Workstream co-chair roles have new appointments from 1 June. These are:

  • Workstream 1 (Science base): Prof Susan Short (taking over from Prof Kevin Harrington)
  • Workstream 2 (Phase I/II trials): Dr Richard Adams (taking over from Prof Ruth Plummer)
  • Workstream 3 (Phase III trials and methodology): Prof David Sebag-Montefiore (taking over from Prof Chris Nutting)
  • Workstream 4 (New technology, physics and quality assurance): Dr Philip Evans (taking over from Dr Ranald Mackay)

» Further information on CTRad leadership and members (CTRad webpage)

RaDCom invites proposals for radiotherapy-drug combination projects

The Radiotherapy-Drug Combinations Consortium (RaDCom) invites investigators to contact RaDCom’s steering group to discuss proposals for radiotherapy-drug combination projects. RaDCom is keen to hear from investigators with ideas for suitable projects, or laboratories with expertise and/or facilities to offer.

» Further information on RaDCom (CTRad webpage)