Are you joining us in Glasgow on 3-5 November for the 2019 NCRI Cancer Conference or still deciding whether it’s for you? Amongst plenary sessions featuring world leading experts, sessions exploring advances in research that are changing clinical practice and specialist sessions for professionals with a particular area of focus, there will be a number of sessions focussed on NCRI activities and initiatives.

We have identified our top five sessions not to miss to bring you up to date on NCRI activities.

  1. Living with and beyond cancer – Top 10 research priorities, a year on

In 2018 NCRI and James Lind Alliance launched the top 10 of research priorities that will help people live better with and beyond cancer. At this year’s conference Mariano Kalfors, Programme Manager, NCRI, will provide an update on living with and beyond cancer funding, research, practice and more.

Sunday, 7:15pm – 7:25pm, Igloo, Hall 4

  1. Celebrating collaborative radiotherapy research in the UK – CTRad 10 years on

NCRI’s flagship initiative, the Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy (CTRad) Research Working Group is 10 years old. Over this time CTRad has overseen and facilitated development of a broad portfolio of radiotherapy-focused collaborative research. During this session hear about the changing landscape of radiotherapy research, and how CTRad has had a positive impact on this environment.

Monday, 11:00am – 12:30pm, Carron

  1. Enhancing research by involving patients, carers and others affected by cancer – Dragons’ Den session

The Dragons’ Den sessions are led by members of the NCRI Consumer Forum, made up of patients, carers and others who have been affected by cancer. These sessions are an opportunity for researchers to receive advice and input into any aspects of their research from the friendliest and most helpful dragons you will ever meet! If you haven’t registered to present your research, how about coming along to see how NCRI values consumers in the research process?

Monday, 12:50pm – 1:50pm, Alsh

  1. Honouring those who are accelerating progress in cancer research – NCRI Excellence Awards

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the NCRI Cancer Conference we are honouring research teams and individuals who have made a significant contribution to cancer research through collaboration, impact and innovation. Take a look at the award winners or join us in the Lomond Auditorium on Monday 4 November for the awards presentation.

Monday, 5:20pm – 6:30pm, Lomond Auditorium

  1. Exploring the role of NCRI with early career investigators

Chaired by NCRI Chief Executive Iain Frame, this session will explore the role NCRI could play in helping support research leaders. Dr Chris Jones, Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellow and Honorary Specialty Registrar in Clinical Oncology at the University of Leeds and Leeds Cancer Centre and member of CTRad, and Dr Ellen Copson, Cancer Research UK Associate Professor in Medical Oncology, Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology University Hospital Southampton, a previous member of the NCRI Breast Group will present some exemplars of research collaborations led by junior researchers.

Sunday, 6:40pm – 7:25pm, Alsh