The NCRI Prostate Group identified their strategic priorities in 2022 to address challenges faced in prostate cancer research and to ultimately improve outcomes for prostate cancer patients with currently unmet needs. The NCRI Prostate Group has identified its research priorities working with members of the research community, and NCRI Partners.

NCRI Prostate Group Priorities 2022 – 2025

NCRI Prostate Group strategic priorities at a glance

Priority 1: Engage the wider prostate cancer community to identify the challenges faced in research and propose solutions with a focus on improving collaboration.

Priority 2: Evaluate the role of new screening strategies in reducing the harms of biopsy and over-diagnosis/over-treatment whilst maintaining or improving the improved cancer outcomes associated with population level PSA testing to screen.

Priority 3: Improve early diagnosis of clinically significant prostate cancer.

Priority 4: Develop studies to improve treatment of non-metastatic prostate cancer, with a particular emphasis on surgical and minimally invasive interventions.